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Jenson Beauty Academy

Accelerated Lash & Brow Course

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Summer Holidays are over 😒
Have you been thinking about –
💥 A career change
💥Making more money
💥Setting your own work hours to suit your other commitments
💥 Working from home?
If so I have something for you ! Our new Express course is here to help kick start your lash and brow career and it's more affordable than ever!
💥By doing this course, you can offer the treatments you want to do
💥Offer something new to an existing treatment menu
💥Get to do the most popular treatments
💥Also the most profitable treatments
This course involves doing either beginner Classic Lashes (you can switch to volume if you already hold a classic certificate), Lash Lift and Brow Lamination!
3 of the most popular salon treatments!
All of these courses separately come to nearly £800 🙈
I know things are tight for a lot of people, and it’s a big leap of faith changing career or investing so much money and wondering if the clients will come…..
I am doing this new course for £550 which includes kit for all of the treatments!
What else I’m going to add that I’ve never done before is add a zoom call a couple of days after the courses to discuss what you can do going forward to gain new clients, what to post on social media, how to take good photos, what suppliers to use along with discount codes, how to increase sales, how to keep records, and lots of other useful information.
The dates are going to be as follows -
7th & 8th November
7th & 8th December
Drop me a ❤️in the comments if you’d like to discuss this. Klarna options are available.



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