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Jenson Beauty Academy

Brow Lamination for Beginners Incl Kit

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Now you can create those killer brows you have been seeing on the catwalks...

Cara Delevingne, watch out! We have discovered eyebrow lamination, and it's changing our brow game for good.

One of the hottest beauty trends at the moment, this technique helps to correct asymmetrical eyebrows while solving the problem of hairs growing in different directions. The result? A beautiful eyebrow shape that looks natural yet fierce.

The Fluffy brow is created using a process known as brow lamination, which is the

newest Brow treatment to the industry and one that everyone is talking about! An amazing procedure which allows us to create a perfect Brushed up brow, or to straighten unruly curly brows!

It eliminates the need for soap brows/ brow gel/ brow products! Your clients can just brush and go! Brows stay fixed in place... Brow Lamination lasts anywhere from 6-8 weeks and suitable for all genders.

Who the procedure is suitable for:

Complete beginners

people who want a fluffy brushed up brow

brows that are unruly or growing in the wrong direction

hairs that are strong and defy all brow products

Anyone who wants more than just a tint and wax!


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